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A minimally-invasive laser treatment


The Juliet laser treatment improves women's gynecological health thanks to a minimally invasive treatment whose goal is the stimulation of new collagen and elastin production, along with an improved vascularization of the vaginal mucosa. The procedure is fast, safe and painless, takes less than 15 minutes and can be performed with no need for anesthesia.

How does it happen?
Similarly to the procedure used for facial rejuvenation, the Juliet laser treatment uses light energy to gently deliver energy to the tissue and stimulate it to produce new collagen. This leads to an improvement in the condition of the vagina lining and the tone of the pelvic floor connective tissue, which is strengthened as a result. The inner lining becomes elastic and moist again and exhibits improved thickness and softness.

This helps to provide a better support to the inner tissue and vaginal walls. The wall of the vagina is composed of four different layers:

Epithelium – Internal lining of epithelial tissue made up of squamous epithelial cells

Lamina propria – Connective tissue that supports the mucosa and connects it to the muscularis

Muscularis – Muscle tissue

Adventitia – Connective tissue interlaced with elastic fibers, connects the vagina to surrounding organs

The objective of the laser treatment is to reach the lamina propria, which is elastic and rich in collagen.

The procedure is very easy, yet very precise. The doctor introduces the handpiece and treats the area by activating the laser beam and rotating the handpiece until a 360° rotation is completed. Then the handpiece is withdrawn 1 cm and the next zone is treated. The whole procedure takes less than 15 minutes, is not painful and doesn’t involve any cut or surgery.

The objective of the laser treatment is to reach the lamina propria, which is elastic and rich in collagen that can be stimulated “selectively”, meaning with no damage to the surrounding tissue. The laser beam splitted into several hundred partial rays gently penetrates the tissue and triggers skin renewal and collagen formation with rapid wound healing.